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Dig The Water is another puzzle game for those who love to solve different things. Is that you? Are you one of them? If the answer is yes, let’s visit Frivcomfriv and check out this latest puzzle game and you are sure to love it. This game is all about putting out the fire. There are 3 fires underground. It sounds weird, but never mind why there are 3 fires below the ground.

What you should pay attention to is find a way to lead water to put out all the fires by digging the lead the water runs through each fire. Yes, make sure you dig the right way to make the water run through every single fire. You probably already know that water flows from high to low. So, if you put out the fire in the lower location first, then you can’t make the water flow backward to put out the fire in the higher location.

Think first before taking action because once you take the first step and it’s wrong, you can’t correct it. On https://friv.land/, the first step should be done accurately. Otherwise, you have to play that level once again. All 3 fires are put out and you can move to the next stage. It sounds easy and simple but it’s not. Digging that corrects to every millimeter is important. Play and you will know why. Unlike other puzzle games, you don’t have any hints or help.

Just rely on yourself to solve all the challenging puzzles here and conquer other challenges on more games on our site such as Tangle Master 3D and Conect The Same Number. Besides, these 2 options, you can browse through all categories and find the games you want to play. Enjoy!


Use your left mouse to dig.

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