Jungle Bricks GamePlay:

Jungle Bricks is inspired by one of the best classic arcade games. It brings you to the jungle and here, you meet a cute jungle boy. At Friv online, this boy is starving and he is looking for food. However, he won't be picking fruit or hunting. He will break the bricks to get food. It’s weird, isn’t it?

Food is hidden in the bricks. You don’t need to find the reason why. Instead, just focus on your mission: help the jungle boy get food. So, what you have to do is to break every single brick on the screen in each stage. You have a certain number of balls and you can see each brick has a number on it. This number indicates how many times you need to hit the brick with the ball to break. The bigger number on the brick is, the harder it to break it.

On https://friv.land/, the bricks won’t stay still and wait for you to break them. They have their own way of threatening you. The brick army will approach you. Make sure you break them before they reach the bottom. Try to aim and shoot to break as many bricks at once as possible. Once each brick is broken, you know what is hidden inside. As you progress, the stages become much harder to finish. You will have more balls as you level up but this won’t help you win easily if you fail at aiming and shooting accurately.

The gameplay and control mechanism is simple but it doesn’t mean that the game is easy to master. Have a try and you will know why. After breaking all bricks, let’s deal with new challenges in other games such as Goat to the moon 2 and Save Me Hero.

Controls: Use your mouse to break the bricks.

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