Lets Party GamePlay:

Party is not only where to drink or chat but also play games. Have you ever played games at any party before? Let’s play a fun game in a game called Lets Party at Friv Land. It sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Jump right into the game and it’s much simpler than you think. So in this game, what you will do is to run around the map to color as many tiles as possible in your color to win.

Each match lasts 15 seconds. In a short time, how many percentages of the map can you account for? There are 4 players on a map and each has a specific color. You can take over the tiles colored by other players. The concept is easy, isn’t it? Just keep running. Don’t stop just for a second. Otherwise, you can’t pass your opponents in the number of colored tiles.

On https://friv.land/, sometimes, you will see an arrow symbol appears on the map. Let’s collect it because it boosts your speed. Speed up helps you reach your final goal much easier. That is the only power-up that the game offers and if you can make use of it well, you will become the winner at ease. Get ready for a party every time you start a match. Run and occupy most of the tiles before any of your opponents dit it. This game suits all ages, even kids because it doesn’t require players to put in too many skills to master it. It’s purely fun and entertaining. So do you love this party?

So many games available for free on our site also welcome you to some special parties. Don’t miss a chance to join. Two of the best options that you should try are Whack the Dummy and Adam And Eve Aliens

Controls: Arrow keys to run.

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