Long Neck Run GamePlay:

Long Neck Run is a simple game where you can adjust your height the way you like. It has the same gameplay as many options available at online Games friv. You are simply collect required items to meet a requirement and run towards the finish line and try to get the greatest reward at the end. Here is the long-neck version. Your target is to cross the finish line with the longest neck ever.

To have such a long neck, you need to collect as many rings as you can that have a similar color as you. You can change your color from green to red and so on by going through the gates. Make sure you avoid hitting obstacles. If you crash into an obstacle, your neck will be shorter. You don’t have to have the longest neck but if you want to get the highest score at the end of each level, you shouldn’t miss any rings on the way.

With a long neck, you will touch higher levels of reward. It means the taller you are, the bigger reward you get. The funniest thing about this Friv land game is your neck gets longer when you collect the rings. However, the part from the shoulder to your feet is the same. The running track in each level is unique and the obstacles are arranged differently.

Besides, as you process, the running tracks have more obstacles and it’s harder to collect colorful rings while your character auto-runs ahead. You can’t stop it or slow it down; therefore, stay focused and stay calm. Have a safe running journey and check out the following options: Red Ranger Fight and Slap And Run.

Controls: Move by using your mouse.

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