Slap And Run GamePlay:

Slap And Run is one of many enjoyable games at Friv land that can make you laugh and bring you hours of fun. If you stress, stress will be relieved here. Why? Because its gameplay is so interesting and unique. It’s about running and slapping. You control a stickman run forward and slap all the stickmen on the way. Your character automatically runs toward the finish line and you guide him to come close to the stickmen standing on the path to slap them.

Your goal is to slap as many stickmen as possible. The more stickmen you slap, the stronger you are. You need to accumulate power because you will face a big boss standing near the finish line. You need the power to knock him out and make him fly to the highest level of rewards. Move to the left and right accordingly to slap at the face of those stickmen.

Don’t worry if you chase you after getting slapped. They will never catch up with you. Just focus on slapping and accumulating power. That’s everything you need to do in this Friv game. Is it fun to play as you expect? Even though the stickmen who are slapped by you can’t hurt you, you are threatened by other dangers. As you level up, more obstacles will appear to take your life.

While running, you have to dodge those deadly dangers. You will die when touching them and you just have only one life at each level. Run until you reach the final level. After that, it’s time to discover other games. Some of the best recommendations for you are Mr Babo and Speedrun Parkour.

Controls: Mouse to move.

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