Magic Bridge GamePlay:

Magic Bridge at Friv land is a game that requires skill. The gray cat had awhile back discovered a partner in the form of a bright orange beauty, though as soon as they became friends and the main character began to formulate grand plans for himself, a shocking revelation occurred. Take full control of one of the many cat personalities and try to stay brave on a moving bridge.

Depending according to where you stand, the bridge will position downward, requiring that you be quick on your paws to maintain a constant balance. Avoid all enemy forces, collect all coins, and acquire new characters with varying strengths. Jump aboard the bridge and engage in an endless amount of fun! Travel around the platform while making contact with the enemies.

You can organize a contest with your friends and share this game for them. Relax with other special games such as King Rabbit Puzzle

Controls: Move cat - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys

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