Construct a Bridge GamePlay:

Friv play is looking for a talented engineer who can build a bridge that does not collapse and stand with the time. If you are confident that you can complete this bridge within the limited time, come to learn the necessary skills and become the main constructor! You need to go through a simple training session to learn the basics first. In order to make the bridge, the player will have to connect joints with lines, then put the bars and sticks to the correct places to create your engineering marvel.

This game has a mechanism to test the durability of your bridge. It's by letting the real trucks passing over! If the bridge can stand the test then you have completed your important mission! You are limited by the number of funds you have and the amount of time, therefore, use the resources to build your bridge wisely! You don't have to use all the resources, only the ones that you think are necessary for the infrastructure. The best player will be able to make a strong bridge with just the available resources.

And don't worry if you make any mistake because you can edit your bridge anytime. This construction game has an Undo key for this feature. Moreover, you can also delete portions of your bridge using Delete command. How cool is that? Channel your inner engineer with more building games such as Airbus Flight Simulator and Angry Pigs

Controls: interact and build using the left mouse.

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