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Magic Cube is an engrossing puzzle game at Friv.land. You are a cute frog. You need to swallow stars. Nevertheless, it is difficult to enjoy the favorite food. Move cleverly and jump to the stars. Wow! Magic Cube game is so stimulating that you rush in anticipation of a winner. Test your smartness on friv4 school.


Magic Cube free game is a good puzzle game on our website. If you feed up with dressing-up games or shooting games, you can try this game to challenge your brain. You have to finish more 24 levels to win the game. Each level has the same mission but different question. You must let the green frog eat the gold star to complete a level of friv4 school game.


There is a board to play on. You see a frog and a star. Move the frog so that it collects the star. There are black dots and blue dots. Blue dots are bigger than black ones. Blue dots lie on white lines. The frog can jump from blue dots to other dots only in the white zone. The star does not jump, but you can move it to the white zone by rotating the board. Swipe up and down at friv4 school online game.


The key to success is putting both the frog and star in the white zone. When both are in the white area, the frog can move and eat the star easily. You have to think to create smart moving steps. You have to play in a certain amount of time. Specifically, you must finish the level in 2 minutes. If you don’t finish the mission in 2 minutes, you lose the game. Restart to go on playing the existing level. The sooner you complete the level, the more stars you gain. You can get maximum 3 stars in each level.


Your feedback is welcomed and we are waiting for the rating. If you fancy this puzzle game, rate it highly. Introduce it to friends and explore games such as Light Rays, Wall Holes, and Minecraft Block Match at https://friv.land/.



  • Use the mouse to play.
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