Slingshot Jetpack GamePlay:

You often explore the city by car or motorbike, right? What about using a jetpack? From above, you will see a view of the entire city. It sounds so amazing. Let’s have a jetpack ride in Slingshot Jetpack at Friv Land. Five racers take part in each round. It’s a race but you don’t have to be in the top 3 to move to the next round. Just by reaching the target, the next stage is happy to welcome you.

First, you need to launch your character by using a giant slingshot. Pull it back and wait to count to 3, quickly release your hand and your character will fly ahead. If you start up later than the other competitors, you will be at a disadvantage because after that you can hardly get over them. Next, you have to move up and move down accordingly to collect coins and fly through the yellow rings in the air. These rings will boost your speed and help you leave other racers behind.

However, your opponents also use this tactic to gain advantage. On https://friv.land/, you also have to avoid crashing on obstacles because once you hit any of them, the race ends right away. So try to stay focused while flying. Just only one second, your life will be taken. Talking about coins, coins are used to upgrade some stats like speed or number of coins you will collect. Upgrading whenever you have enough money.

It helps you win over other racers much easier even though you don’t need to take first place. Have a safe ride and enjoy your free time with other cool games such as Magic Adventure School and Foody Avenue

Controls: Mouse to play.

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