Dangerous Rescue GamePlay:

The rescue mission to save the man has started. Friv online is recruiting the best players to control the helicopters and carry out this mission. Are you confident that you can succeed in executing the task? If you are ready, join Dangerous Rescue free game right now to help the poor man! First, you will have to learn how to control the movement of the helicopter.

In the game at http://friv.land/, we use a kind of aircraft which is used to rescue dangerous people but is very hard to fly. Performing the task in the mountainous area is hard enough, but now the game is more challenging with the new helicopter. In order to fly the helicopter, you choose the arrow in the correct direction. Then keep the mouse to keep flying above. Keep in mind that the moment you release the mouse, the helicopter will stop functioning and crash. This will danger both the rescuer and the survivors, so be careful! Therefore, it's crucial to find the perfect direction and keep controlling the aircraft.

You also need to change the control tactic according to different terrains as well. On some levels, there might be more than one survivor so you should try to collect all of them. You should keep doing the tasks and complete all the levels to win the game. Let's go to more journeys in different areas in the games like Bad Eggs 2 and Stick Tank Wars!

Instructions: choose the direction and fly the helicopter using the left mouse.

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