Merge Alphabet: 2D Run GamePlay:

At friv land, Merge Alphabet: 2D Run is a simple but not easy game in which you lead a dinosaur in F shape to run and jump over the obstacles to the furthest. In terms of gameplay, it’s similar to the popular dinosaur game that you can play when you use the web browser without active internet access. If you have played that game before, you won’t waste your time getting familiar with the gameplay and controls here.

In this endless runner game, your main objective is to run to the furthest and get a high score. You do it by making the dinosaur jump or hop over all obstacles on the way. Wait until your dinosaur comes close to the obstacle but not too close, then tap or click to make it jump over the obstacle. If you make it jump too early or too late, it will collide with the obstacle and you have to restart the game.

One of the best tips that you can apply to reach your ultimate goal in this friv games 2023 is to assume that the dinosaur is standing still while the landscape is moving. Just look at the dinosaur instead of the landscape, and this will help you find it easier to deal with the obstacles and control the game better. In addition to playing alone, you can compete against your friend on the same device with the 2-player mode.

When you enter this mode, the screen will be split into 2 parts and each of you will control your dinosaur in a part of the screen. It’s just like a race between two players. The player who dies first is the loser. Have fun and enjoy other interesting games such as Monster Block and Steve Alex Drive.

Instructions: Player 1 uses A and player 2 uses L.