Merge Star GamePlay:

There are many merging games out there but maybe Merge Star is the most unique, addicting and interesting one because it includes fighting elements instead of just endless merging. At frivGames 2019, a warrior has the ability to merge two items and get a new one. He starts his adventure across the kingdom with his pet to defeat all monsters.

Your warrior focuses on slaying down enemies and you take care of upgrade weapons and equipment for him by merging 2 items into 1. Later on, the enemies will become stronger and your warrior will need something powerful to defeat them and keep surviving. That’s why you must constantly merge items. On http://friv.land, there are 5 factors you must take care including warrior, weapon, shield, helmet, and pet.

Your warrior uses shield and helmet to defend, sword to attack. And his pet contributes a lot of dealing damages. All of them are important, so you have to upgrade them equally. Rule and control are simple. You click or tap on items and drag and drop them into similar ones. By doing this endlessly, you will create the new powerful items, helping your warrior defeat the strongest enemies and huge boss at the end of the adventure.

Once you start merging, you can’t stop and this fun game will make you turn back several times. Discover new items and conquer new lands, defeat new enemies to become the invincible merged warrior. Have a great time! Do you want to explore new gameplay? Then, check out these following choices Break The Rock and Flappy Talking Tom.

Controls: Tap or use your left mouse to drag and drop items.

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