Super Star War GamePlay:

Super Star War is a cool action-packed tank battle game that guarantees 2 factors that are fun and thrilling. Here at Friv 2021, you are a great tank commander and you have to finish a mission that only you can do: burst into the enemy base, shoot down all enemy tanks in the epic tank war and gain the victory. Each level requires you to blow up a certain number of tanks. However, you can’t see them on the map because they hide in the shadow.

As you move forward, the light gradually dispels the darkness and exposes the enemy. Right after that, you have to approach each enemy close enough to make sure they are in your shooting range and blow them up; Therefore, the enemy tanks will attack you at the same time. You should use boxes on the map to cover yourself or step back and move to a safe area and wait for a chance to attack.

On https://friv.land/, you also can shoot at boxes and collect HP and coins. Your enemies become much stronger, then you have to upgrade your tank whenever you can. Use coins to upgrade the weapons of your tanks and their stats to increase their strength. The more upgrades you buy, the higher the chance of winning. You have to deal with 10 types of enemy tanks in 70 levels filled with challenges. Alone doesn’t mean you weak.

By implementing reasonable tactical combat and upgrade the tank, you can destroy all enemies and go your way through every level with a glorious victory. Break a leg and if you find some games help you relieve stress effectively, Hitman Rush and Capture The Chickens are must-played games that you should try.


Aim and shoot with your left click, move by using WASD or arrow keys.

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