MinerCraft Party - 4 Player GamePlay:

Games for 4 players are rare, aren’t they? However, here at https://friv.land/, you can find some, and MinerCraft Party – 4 Player is one of them. This game can be played by 2 players or 4 players. It’s likely unable to be played by yourself because there are 4 characters and you can’t control 4 characters at the same time. So, what is it about? There are 4 friends who embark on an adventure together and the place that they are exploring is a mine filled with gold and monsters.

While collecting gold, they are chased by a giant red monster. Can you help them escape from it? The mission of each player is to control their character to jump over the dangers such as blue monsters, red monsters, bottomless gaps, spikes, and so on. If one of 4 players die, all of you is eliminated and you guy have to restart the game. Jump over all threats and collect as many coins as possible before you reach the exit and move to the next stage. The key to mastering thisFriv game is that 4 players must work together. 4 characters controlled by 4 players are sitting on the carts.

There is nothing to separate them. The only thing you guys can do is make them jump. Jump at the right time to be safe from monsters and other obstacles. If no one plays this game with you, you can practice controlling 4 characters at once with keys on the keyboard or mouse. Have a great gaming moment here and make sure you check out other awesome games such as Minecraft Adventure and Noob Steve Nether.

How to play:

Noob player uses L to jump,

Pro player uses up arrow key to jump,

Creeper player uses T to jump and Ender player uses W to jump.