Noob Steve Nether GamePlay:

There is indeed a world familiar to players in Friv games Minecraft, under which intensive fabrication is underway, reserves are being mined, war in the middle east erupt, and process continues on as usual. But there is a second world, known as the Lower. And this is where our old pal Noob Steve is progressing, and you'll be going to follow him to Noob Steve Nether. The Underworld is devoid of life and scorching. The latter's scenery is disconcertingly monotonous.

A sea of red-hot lava spreads for miles and miles, and the ones left, unburned stone territories float on it. However, this is where Steve decided to experiment with dance, and you can enable him. This is not quiet town's buildings getting jumped on. If you struggle, you will be reprimanded.

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Mouse or right joystick - Look around

WASD or left joystick - Movement

Space - Jump

ESC Key - Pause