Mope.io GamePlay:

Mope.io is an amazing Multiplayer iO game focusing on eating foods and survival in friv.land! Eat to grow big, drink water to survive and start ruling the forest in Mope.io!Come and play Mope.io at

Mope.io is a new and extremely interesting multiplayer IO game at Friv 2 player which is suitable for all ages, especially children. In the game at friv for kids, your main objective is to survive by eating as much as possible.

You will start off as a tiny mouse – the bottom of the food chain – and you have to move along the battlefield where you will see countless light green-outlined objects.

Try to eat all of them, but be careful, stay away from all the objects outlined in red or your character will get eaten.

Upgrade your tiny mouse into a rabbit, a pig – and you can eat mushrooms – and other powerful animals. Do you dare to stay alive until your character transform into a dragon? Go ahead and dominate the battlefield at friv games for school!

How To Play:

  1. To control your animal and make it move you just need to move your mouse and the creature will follow the cursor on the screen.
  2. To escape the enemy or chase the victim you can accelerate by pressing left mouse button.
  3. To dive or use your special ability press W. In Mopeio you can also chat with other players, press ENTER to start a conversation.

MOPE IO Strategy, Tips & Tricks

  • Stick around with bigger animals that don't hunt you, thus other dangerous animals won't be able to get close to you.
  • While running from a predator don't forget to use some objects in your surrounding to escape; for example, if the predator is too big to squeeze through the gap between 2 hills, or if you can traverse through mud quickly.
  • Hide in a hole and wait until an unsuspecting predator ambles by, and then you strike! When leaving a hole, you are still invisible for a bit even if your mouse cursor is out of the hole.


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