Pichon: The Bouncy Bird GamePlay:

Think fastly and move quickly if you want to escape from the maze. Pichon: The Bouncy Bird is a cute and enjoyable platformer game that you can play for free at Friv Land. Let's meet Pichon, a cute bird who can be your best friend right away once you see it. Pichon is a chubby bird who wants to collect all gems in the maze and get out of it safely. Can you help it? There are 20 levels full of fun and challenges waiting for you.

Pichon is a bird but it can't fly. It isn't a penguin if you're curious about its identity. However, it can bounce so well to move from here to there. You can make use of that ability to finish all 20 levels. Let's find out clearly about what you have to do in this game. Firstly, your main objective is to collect a specific number of gems that each level requires. Secondly, you have to pass every obstacle to keep Pichon safe. Finally, you have to reach the exit as fast as you can.

On https://friv.land/, the faster you finish the level, the higher score you get. If you're fast enough, you can get 3 stars on each level. It’s hard to reach, though. You may feel that time flies so fast. Just like other games, the challenging level increases significantly as you move to the next level. You will find puzzle elements in this game as well.

More interestingly, different materials will make Pichon bounce lower or higher, slower or faster. Let’s find out other awesome features in the game while you play. Have fun and check out more games such as Red And Green Candy Forest and Flowers Blocks Collapse.


Arrow keys to move.

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