Moto Bike Attack Race GamePlay:

Moto Bike Attack Race is a motorcycle racing game that you may have never played on friv com school before or you rarely find out there. If that’s true, why don’t you grab this chance and start this game right away? An ever fiercer race is waiting for you. Your main objective here is obviously to become the first racer who reaches the finish line. However, the fun part of the game is what happens on the way.

You are allowed to pick up any weapons you see on the road and use them to bash any opponents in your range. For what? Simply eliminate them and get more diamonds for it. Does it sound fierce enough for you? Yes, each race is a battle, and beat other racers will be your joy. When you haven’t had weapons yet, you can knock out your opponents by kicking them.

At https://friv.land/, your motorbike auto-runs forward and you have to move to the left and right to collect items, pick up weapons and dodge obstacles. It’s fine if you hit any obstacles out there. You won’t die and your motorbike won’t get damaged. However, you will be slow down and this makes other racers pass and leave you behind. Then, try to avoid crashing into obstacles during the race. On the road surface, you will see a yellow arrow icon. Just go through it to boost your speed.

Let's rush towards these icons and even you are in the latest place right now, you can overcome your opponents and rise to the top. Good luck and give the following options a try: FullSpeed Racing and Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting to Revenge.

How to play: Control your motorbike by using your mouse.

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