Moto Speed Race GamePlay:

Have you found the paradise of racing games or motorbike games yet? If you’re here at https://friv.land/, you found that. Let us introduce you to the latest motorbike game just added to our wide collection of games. There are 3 worlds with 24 levels in total. You have to earn 24 stars in the first world to open the second world and collect 24 stars in the second world to open the last world.

To earn enough 24 stars, you have to collect 3 stars on every single level. Miss only one star and you have to restart that level. Here, you won’t jump into the streets and highways like in other racing games. Instead, you ride your bike on something that is built from wooden sticks. It’s not straight and smooth. It’s bumpy and full of challenges. Don’t focus on performing flips of fly in the air. Your attention should be on time because you race against time.

To get 3 stars in each level, you have to reach the finish line as fast as possible. There is no time to rest. This game differs from other racing games at Friv Land in one thing. Can you guess? It doesn’t offer any item to collect. It’s simply about rushing from the starting point to the finish line. However, you can not guess what awaits you in the later levels and the new worlds.

There will be something awesome and challenging that you have never expected. It may not just be about riding your bike and crossing the finish line anymore. Have a safe ride and don’t forget to check out other amazing games such as Santa Race and Moto Delight.

Instructions: Arrow keys to play.