Space Speed GamePlay:

You are a happy bunny while playing Space Speed in Friv.land. Wander around and take golden stars. You control objects with various shapes. Lead stars go in holes. That is the way you play. Fly through energy platforms and make missions done. Space Speed game of friv for school 2018 is really gripping.

Space Speed free game is an HTML game on our site. You can play it on safari and chrome. You are able to play the game on smartphones and tablets {iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices, and Window Phone). You have a trip around the solar system at friv for school 2018 games. You visit the Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, and so on. Fly in space to get objects.


Check your speed in the mysterious space. Obstacles are lying on the road. You change your position to pass all objects through the hole. You have to act fast and move quickly. Obstacles can be put everywhere, so move like a flash to get them. You play in a variety of levels on friv for school 2018 online games. Attain targets to unlock next levels and win the game. You lose the game if you fail to catch stars or other things. Replay to continue the adventure.


The game has many achievements which you can explore and try to gain. Get the silver mark by collecting 50 points in easy mode. You have bronze mark if you collect 150 points in easy mode. If you collect 400 points in easy mode, you will get craft mark. As you get 100 points in hard mode, you have bingo mark. You own a surfer when you fly 20 energy platforms on 4x. Moreover, you can gain brilliant mark, super mark, starbox, and explorer.


Accept challenges of https://friv.land/. Write reviews about this game and assess. Introduce it to companions and find Temple Run Online and TrezeSNWboard.



  • Move the mouse to eat stars.
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