Moto Delight GamePlay:

Moto Delight is a challenging race game that gives you a delightful bike racing experience. It’s different from other bike race games that you may have played at free Games friv. Here, you will have a journey through the desert, arctic and forest locations in 30 levels on your motorbike. However, your adventure won't turn out the way you imagined. It’s truly unique and different. You drive on the chunks placed in the air and they are not connected. They are placed in different heights and you have to master the speed to jump from this chunk to that chunk.

Each physics-based level requires you to reach the finish line as fast as you can. There is no given time but time is counted. You should cross the finish line as fast as possible to earn 3 stars and you can use these stars to unlock a new motorbike in the store. Therefore, it seems that you race against time. Try your best to win and set a record in terms of time at every level.

On https://friv.land/, balance and speed are what you need to succeed. You have to keep balancing to avoid flipping over and exploding. When you jump from this chunk to that chunk, your motorbike is easy to land by its head. This causes a collision and your motorbike will blow up. As a result, you have to restart that level. You should keep in mind that the later levels are more challenging than the previous ones. The new motorbikes don’t have anything special.

Then, if you don’t care about having a new motorbike, play slow and don't try hard to get 3 stars. You just need to cross the finish line at the current level to unlock the next one. Enjoy and have fun with Bike Race Rush and TRAFFIC RACER 2D.

Controls: Arrow keys to ride your motorbike.

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