Neon Tile Rush GamePlay:

Welcome to Neon Tile Rush – one of the latest games at friv best Games where you meet a neon tile that is trapped in a maze. So you can guess what your mission is, right? Here, you will help little tile get out of the maze safely while collecting as many coins and stars as possible. There are 3 stars in a level and to complete a level, you just need to guide the tile to the finish line, even without any star. Yes, you even don’t need to collect any stars or coins at all to complete a level.

As long as you cross the finish line, you can move to the next level. To make the tile move, you just need to slide it around, it will stop when it hits the wall and you can change its moving direction. And of course, do not lead it straight to the spikes and other dangers in the maze. Just with a little touch to one of those obstacles, the neon tile will explode. It’s quite easy to go straight from the start point to the end.

However, let’s make the game more challenging by not leaving any single coin and star behind. Here at https://friv.land/ try your best to collect all items before you reach the finish line. On some levels, you can’t go back because once you activate the invisible wall, that wall will appear and block you from going back. The game features 30 stages and the challenging level increases as you proceed.

The maze becomes more complex and more deadly traps appear. Get ready to deal with all of them. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Inoi 2 and Crash Monster Teeth.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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