Inoi 2 GamePlay:

Adventure games are never getting bored. That’s why here at https://friv.land/, you guys always find new additions to enjoy and Inoi 2 is the latest one. Who you meet today? Well, it’s Inoi who is going to start a new adventure in the desert. This desert is dangerous because all cactuses have turned evil. They will take Inoi’s life right after they have a chance. Your ultimate goal is to help Inoi collect all water containers and reach the red flag at the end of each level.

A stage is complete when all water containers are collected and Inoi reaches the red flag. Inoi has 5 lives and it means you get 5 chances. You don’t have any special skills or weapons to kill them. So stay far away from them to keep your life safe. In every jump you make, make sure you always be careful. 5 lives won’t be reset but don’t worry, if you run out of 5 chances, you don’t have to start a new adventure from level 1. Instead, your current level will be restarted.

This frivcom 2 online game has 8 levels and the difficulty increases as you advance. You will meet more enemies later on, and even flying cactuses. Sometimes, it seems that you don’t have any way to pass them without losing a life. The flying enemies are whom you find it hard to deal with the most. Time is unlimited here; therefore, just slow down and figure out how to pass every single enemy without getting damaged. Good luck!

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Instructions: WASD or arrow keys.

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