Old Timer Car Jigsaw GamePlay:

The jigsaw puzzle game is one of the best choices to kill time or train your brain. Have a cup of tea and play jigsaw in a peaceful afternoon is the best experience ever. Now, you can play jigsaw online in computer with the car-based theme. Those who love classic cars and puzzle games, Old Timer Car Jigsaw is for you. There are 12 puzzles and each puzzle has 3 difficulty levels to challenge your problem-solving skills.

At friv kids Games, each picture of the different car is divided into many small pieces depend on each difficulty level. You should start from the easy one to get familiar with the picture and every detail of it. You will have some time to look the whole picture after it automatically shuffle and the game officially starts. You don’t have to follow any rules or finish a puzzle within a limited time.

Just play this game at your own pace. If you feel tired of this busy life or need to have a relaxing time after a hard working or studying day, just sit down and let this game help calm your mind. On http://friv.land/, you should start them the edge first. Don’t choose the pieces of the center of the picture because you will find it hard to keep going. By starting from 4 corners of the picture, you can follow the previous pieces to find the next pieces.

This way is much easier. If you conquer the easy mode, let’s move to medium mode, then challenge yourself with hard mode. Let’s see how can you complete all the pictures. If you need more games to satisfy your desire for playing and experiencing, you can play Sharp Knife Cut Underwear Online or Zen Block 

Controls: Drag and drop each piece by using your mouse or finger.

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