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Playing The Smurfs Jigsaw of Friv.land is a brainwave when you feel bored. Look at separate pieces and try hard to match them. Create completed pictures and explore the world of tiny friends. The Smurfs Jigsaw game is an occasion to prove you are a smart cookie at frin games. Awesome things aren’t unveiled. Go for it!


The Smurfs Jigsaw free is an online HTML5 game. It can be played on browsers such as safari or chrome. You can play it one smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android devices, and Samsung). Do you get wind Smurfs? They are magic blue creatures which live a tiny secret world in frin games online. You know more about their life through pictures.


Pictures will be divided into small pieces. Your duty is to arrange pieces and make a completed photo. You should make use of your intelligence and observant skill to do the missions. There are18 pictures to make arrangements. Pictures contain different images on frin games free. The first picture focuses on Smurfette and another Smurf in the forest.  It is dark at night. The second picture is Brainy Smurf. He is holding an experimental tube in his hand.


We show you the original picture in 3 seconds, then we cut it into 9 pieces. Be in the zone and memorize the original one. It is very useful! Arrange cleverly. We don’t force you to finish pictures in a certain amount of time at frin games for school. Therefore, you don’t need to play quickly. Think carefully and move pieces. Pull your finger out! You complete pictures one by one. Finish the first photo to unlock the second one. You will become the winner after completing 18 jigsaw pictures.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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