Out Of Mind GamePlay:

Out Of Mind is a unique and weird action game have the same gameplay with some driving games in which you have to switch the lanes to avoid crashing into obstacles. This game has cute graphics but it related to blood and violent elements, so you should consider after playing. At friv Games for boys, you control a man who is out of mind.

He is running along the street and trying to kill as many people as possible to satisfy her desire. Your mission is to fulfill his wish. Play as a maniac who loves killing and blood, you run in the street with 3 lanes. You have to change the lanes constantly to kill innocent people who are trying to escape from you by using your sword. Just come closer to prey, then wield your sword and send her or him to the last resting place.

Your madness is calculated by a bar. Don’t miss any preys and try to kill as many peoples as you can to make this bar always full. Otherwise, you will go deeper into depression and the game will end soon. The only way to keep the game processing is to kill on http://friv.land. However, make sure you switch the lanes to avoid obstacles too.

You have only one life here, so if you crash into any deadly traps like a trash can or a barrier, you die. This game is designed for relieving stress, not for any serious purpose. So, play this game as a way to relax. Have fun with other choices of games such as Jelly Smash and Volley Beans.

Instructions: Use arrow keys to move and space to use a sword.

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