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Your nerves are tested by playing Evo Explores of Friv.land. The cute smart machine, Evo, is getting lost in an asteroid.  It goes from towers to other ones. You lend it a hand. Make plans to escape from that planet. Explores game is like an exam for eyes and brain. Don’t let the game cheat you! Conquer kidsfriv.                                               


Evo Explores free game is a puzzle game available on our website. You take a role of Evo. It is a robot in the future. It is having a journey exploring new planets. Help it to go everywhere. There are many levels of several challenges. The objective is to find the way out of a tower. How do you open the exit door? You follow green instructions to go to the end of the path. You not only move at kidsfriv games but also build bridges to go from side to another side.


The structure of the tower changes after each level.  It means you always face new difficulties. In the level 1, you must create two bridges to can go to the door. Go down and go ahead. Don’t worry! At level 2, you rotate an axis to connect 2 pedestals. One road is made and you just head off to the door. In the level 3, you have to lift up a small tower 3 times to build roads in kidsfriv player games.


Sometimes you must press a button to unlock the door. Instructions reduce constantly. You will have to think about moving steps by yourself. Wrack your brain. Make it work. Structures can make you confused. Calm down! Trust your eyes! This is not an easy game. 3D graphics probably cheat your eyesight and brain. You are standing on a column at level 4. Move the small tower to build the road. You even go upside down. So interesting! Evo will explore strange features of this planet by doing missions.


Try your best to win all levels! Your comments help us enhance the quality of the game, so feel free to send them. Rate and share this game with friends. Play puzzle games like Magic Cube and Light Rays at https://friv.land/.



  • Use the mouse to click points.
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