Pet Subway Surfeurs GamePlay:

Are you tired of playing endless runner games? Here at friv free online juegos, not only several choices but tons of options for you to discover. And now, you have another one to enjoy - the latest option. Its name is Pet Subway Surfeurs. The characters in the game are cute animals like rabbits and tigers.

No one knows why they are being chased by station security. Just know that your mission is to help those animals stay away from security. It’s not about the speed because you can’t speed up or slow down. The only way to reach your goal is to jump to the left, jump to the right, slide and jump over the obstacles to avoid hitting barriers, trains, and so on. Just like what you do in other endless runner games related to subway surfers.

Here at https://friv.land/, while running, make sure you collect as many coins as possible to buy some items such as Key to revive when you hit something, Hoverboard to pass all obstacles, Mystery box gives you something surprisingly, Headstart, and some upgrades including Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, 2x multiplier. These upgrades prolong the use of some items of the same name that you collect during the run. Besides, coins are also used to unlock new characters. Remember that if you hit an obstacle, your running journey ends there. At that moment, you can restart or use 1 key to respawn.

This game has the same gameplay as many endless runner games, right? But each option is worth playing. Play several games and you can find the difference between them. So have fun and enjoy other games such as Tronbot and Angry Tower.

How to play: Touch, WAD, or right/left/up arrow keys to play.

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