Piano Helix Jump GamePlay:

Are you looking for a relaxing game to play in your spare time? Do you need something simple, enjoyable but challenging enough? You came to the right place. Piano Helix Jump is a fun tapping game in which your objective is to get as many scores as possible. Here at http://friv.land, you control a little ball jump down through the pianos. When you jump, it makes the sound just like you are playing the piano.

The good thing is this game is designed to be played by players of all ages, so it’s easy enough for kids and attractive enough for adults. The gameplay is straightforward. You rotate the column to make the ball jump down through the gap of each platform look like a piano. It sounds easy but not. You must avoid the red platforms along with your journey, otherwise, you lose.

On Friv Games for kids, there are in a total of 100 levels waiting for you to conquer. You lead the ball to go through from the top to the bottom to win a level. Of course, each level has its own design and bring a different challenge to test your skills. As you level up, you will find the game become more challenging that you have to put more time and effort to conquer them. Flexibility and hand-eye coordination are the skills that you need to have to beat this game. rotate, jump and have fun. If you are looking for a cool game, this choice is worth a try. More new games are available on our site. Check out these following options if you want to have a new gaming experience Garfield Kart Puzzle and Minecraft Builder.

Instructions: Use your mouse to rotate the column.

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