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Every single game that you find at friv games is worth your time. All of the options here are hand-picked to bring you the best gaming moment. Some of the games are easy and simple but some of them are hard to master. Whatever genre you like, you can find your favorite on our site and Pipe Surfer can be one of them. This is a simple but addicting shooter game in which you control a cannon to break a wall in each level. However, the wall on each level can be broken by a certain number of balls.

At first, your cannon can shoot only one ball. However, you can multiply the balls by aiming and shooting at the pipe. When the ball goes through the pipe, the number of balls will increase and this depends on the number on the pipe. After that, you navigate the line of balls toward the wall at the end of the level. The ball can be destroyed if the number of balls you have is more than or equal to the number on that wall. The mission fails when the balls hit any obstacles on the way and you can’t break those obstacles by any means. Yes, there is no way to respawn but restarting that level. As you advance, you have to deal with more obstacles. So, watch out for your movement. Navigate your balls carefully and skillfully.

Win each level to get coins and then, you can use coins to unlock new skins for the ball, even though those new skins won’t give you any special abilities. After conquering this game, you can challenge yourself with other Frivland arcade games such as Cube Surfer! and Brick Surfer.

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Mouse to shoot and left/right arrow keys to move the ball.

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