Brick Surfer GamePlay:

Brick Surfer is an exciting arcade with a simple concept and control that suits everyone, even kids. This game is related to brick aka stick and surf. Here at Friv Land, you can find a lot of games built on simplicity like this game. Although simple in the topic, they are not easy to master and simple does not mean boring. Each of them is sure to bring you a great gaming experience and this one is no exception.

Play as a worker, you have to collect as many sticks as possible to build some bridges that help you reach the end of each level. The road that you run on is created by several blocks and they’re not connected. Then, you need the bridge to move from this block to that block. A stack of sticks is placed on each block and you should run into them to collect all of them. It’s precious.

On https://friv.land/, you need enough stick to build a bridge each time you deal with a gap. Besides, at the end of the road, all leftover sticks will create a long stick and you will use it to dash toward. The longer the final stick, the further your dash and the more diamonds you get. Talking about diamonds, besides collecting sticks along the way, you collect diamonds as well. Diamonds are used to unlock new skins for the stick. These skins are not special and they won’t help you anything.

It’s just about the appearance. So, unlock them or not, it’s up to you. Surf safe and sound at each level and be ready, the challenging level increases as you level up. Enjoy this game and other options such as Bird Connect Deluxe and Tiny Dungeons.


Mouse to move.

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