Police Escape GamePlay:

You caused trouble in the neighborhood and the police witnessed it. You quickly run away but the police won’t leave you alone. Now, you are being chased by the police. Keep running until you escape from him in Police Escape – the latest endless runner game that you can enjoy for free at friv com Games play. This game has a very simple concept and gameplay.

All you need to do is to run all the time while avoiding all obstacles along the way by jumping over them. If you hit an obstacle too many times, you will be overtaken by the police and you know what will happen, right? These obstacles look like jellies but don’t let their look fool you. They look harmless but not. The only item you can collect in the game is the shield. The shield will protect you from all obstacles in a short time. Its effect ends after a few seconds but it’s enough to keep you safe for a while.

You can find it quite different from other endless runner games that you have played on https://friv.land/. Instead of moving back and forth between 3 lanes, you jump over obstacles and climb platforms in the run. Keep in mind that each time you hit an obstacle, the police approach you a little bit closer. Then manage to jump over every single obstacle at the right time to keep your distance from the police. The runaway journey will never end as long as you can avoid all the obstacles.

At the end of the journey, you will get a score corresponding to your performance. Have a safe escaping journey and after this game, why don’t you challenge yourself in new options such as Puffy Cat and DROP FOOD CHICK?

Control: Click or up arrow key to jump.

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