Puffy Cat GamePlay:

Puffy Cat is a fun and challenging puzzle game that tests your problem-solving skills with a series of exciting puzzles. Here at Friv Land, like other choices of the same genre, you have to solve the current puzzle to unlock the new ones. All you need to do is to pop every single balloon that appears on each level. Yes, you can’t leave any balloons behind.

To reach that goal, you have to make use of all objects and platformers around. Interestingly, this cat is so puffy. It has an elastic and flexible body. It looks like jelly. This cute cat can go through narrow slits like water flows. Each balloon you pop will fill a huge balloon that you can see at the end of each level. When that balloon is full, you unlock a new skin for the balloon.

On https://friv.land/, you have to apply several different mechanics to complete the puzzle, such as breaking platforms, taking advantage of rotating platforms, timing to drop the cat, and more. If you manage those mechanics well, no puzzle can’t stop you. Make sure that all balloons must be popped by the cat. Even a balloon is left behind when the cat disappears on the screen. Your mission fails. Sometimes, you see a bomb. Try to collect it and when you get 3 bombs, you have a chance to unlock 3 chests that give you a cert

ain amount of coins. With those coins, you can buy new color for your beloved cat. Just look at the cat is enough to make you feel happy. That’s a fact. Enjoy your time here and check out other fun options such as DROP FOOD CHICK and Subway Surfers in Berlin.

Instructions: Left click to solve the puzzle.

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