Pool 8 Ball GamePlay:

Pool 8 Ball online is a casual game of billiards giving you a great simulated pool hall experience. Head to the pool hall and accept the challenges. This friv game gives you two modes to choose from. Refine your skills in Player vs Timer mode or prove your skills by winning over your opponents in Player vs Player mode.

In Player vs Timer mode, your mission is to core all the balls in the pocket in the allotted time but do not to score a cue ball in the pocket. For each such hit, one foul point is rewarded. 3 fouls and the game will be terminated. Ball number 8 must be the last to score. While in Player vs Player mode, each player scores only his own balls. Player 1 balls with the strip, player 2 balls with the strip. Do not score a cue ball in the pocket as each such hits get one foul. 3 fouls and the team will be discontinued. Ball number 8 must be the last to score.

The game has intuitive controls. You easily control your cue by using your mouse or swiping your finger to align the cue with the cue ball. You will get the help from an alignment guide. Using it, you will adjust your angle to impact your target ball to your intended pocket. Besides, you must control your power when hitting the ball. Look at the power meter to adjust it as you want. Race against the clock or join the matches to defeat your opponents, it’s all up to you. Each mode brings you the same fun. Have a good time! More sports games are waiting for your you on our site. Click on http://friv.land/ and try out 8 Ball Pool Billiards or Circle Ping Pong.

Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.

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