Racerking GamePlay:

Racerking is a competitive and fun online driving game. Instead of driving freely around or racing against other racers in the thrilling tracks like other games on Friv car racer games, you have to trap your opponents and protect your life from them to become the last racer standing. On a battlefield made up of hexagons, you move around. As you move, you will make the ground behind to collapse. Your main goal is to trick opponents into the crash zone to make them fall into nowhere and die.

You also have to avoid traps created by other racers and make sure you stay away from the edges of the battlefield. In addition to being killed by the traps of your opponents, you will also be pushed out of the arena by them. The battle ends when only one person remains. This game is quite similar to the battle royale games at https://friv.land/ where you use weapons to defeat your opponents to win. However, you won’t use any weapons to eliminate your opponents.

Nothing related to weapons but the battle is thrilling and dynamic. It's an action-packed game where you don’t defeat your opponents, you die and lose. Yes, it’s simple like that. It’s hard to keep your life safe as you deal with many dangers. You should pay attention every second if you don’t want to be eliminated too soon. Use any opportunity in the battle to gain an advantage and eliminate your opponents. This is not a friendly battle.

Make sure you keep it in your mind. Break a leg and many exciting games are waiting for you to discover on our site. If you have time, let’s check out City Car Stunt 4 and Wheel Duel.


Use your mouse to control your car.

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