Princess on Run IO GamePlay:

IO games never let you down, right? Let’s welcome another amazing IO game at friv Games to play – Princess on Run IO. Here, this game will show you the evolution of makeup. You will witness how a bag is made or how a makeup tool is made. What will you get when you combine 2 lipsticks or 2 masks? Let’s find out. You start with lipstick and your main objective is to reach the highest level of evolution.

You combine 2 small items to get a higher level item and go on until you get the king of makeup and beauty items in your hand. What would it be? You can’t guess until you have it. This game has the same gameplay as most IO games that you have played, doesn’t it? Then, you have to stay away from the bigger ones or the items at a higher level of evolution. For example, if you are a lipstick and you touch a mask, you will be swallowed.

The same thing happens in other IO games at https://friv.land/. If you have tried many options, you know the rule. When you reach a higher and higher level of evolution, you can hunt smaller ones to evolve faster. It’s fun to see the item will be created if two items are combined. As mentioned above, you can’t guess what you will get. If your opponent beats you, you will drop one evolution level and if you run fast enough, you can keep your life.

Otherwise, your opponent will suck you until you turn into nothing. It sounds interesting and it’s truly interesting. Give it a try and don’t forget to check out other options such as Shortcut Race 3D and Tyran.io.

How to play: Mouse or touch.

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