Tyran.io GamePlay:

Tyran.io is one of the best battle royale IO games that you can enjoy at Friv land com. You will enter the battlefield and fight against other players with a dinosaur as your company. At first, you have nothing in your hand. To grab something to defend yourself and attack other players, you have to wander around the map carefully. Just pick up weapons, tools, and items to fill your inventory. One of the most important things that you can find, need to find, and want to find is a dinosaur egg.

Collect an egg, wait for a dinosaur to come out and you can ride your own dinosaur to dominate the whole realm. Dinosaur not only helps you move faster but also protects you. Besides, it also attacks enemies with you. So don’t hesitate to have one. Besides, you can only ride your dinosaur. Get shot and you lose some HP. You can recover your HP by finding a medkit on the map.

Like other battle royale games that you may have played at https://friv.land/, the safe area will sink. Don’t stay in the yellow area because you will get damaged. Stay safe inside the circle. As the map sinks, the battle becomes tougher and tougher. You can’t hide anymore. Instead, you’re forced to deal with the remaining survivors. Who will be the last survivor? Is that you or someone else?

Make sure you cover yourself and stay away from other players when you just jump into the battle because you don’t want to be kicked out of the battle too soon. Enjoy the fight and check out other fun games in your free time starting with Oib.io and Limax.io.

Instructions: WASD to move, left mouse to shoot, E to pick up/interact, right mouse to drop item, R to reload the weapon.

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