Shortcut Race 3D GamePlay:

Shortcut Race 3D Game is finally available at friv Games free. What more are you waiting for? Just jump in and start the race right now. You are brought to an epic run race where you compete against other players to be the fastest runner. Your ultimate objective is to become the first one who crosses the finish line. To reach that goal, you must be good at building. Why? Because you have to build your own shortcuts or bright to pass your opponents.

Run forward and collect as many wooden planks as possible. You need them a lot. With wooden planks, you can build a shortcut or you can call it a bridge that helps you go from this point to another faster. The running path is very zigzag. You can take advantage of that zigzag to build shortcuts that bring victory to you. Importantly, you need to collect as many wooden planks as possible and determine the number of wooden planks needed to build the shortcut each time.

Here at https://friv.land/, if you start to build a shortcut but you don’t have enough wooden planks, you fall into the ocean. Controlling your character to run in the right direction is a challenge. All because the path isn’t straight. Then you can fail because of several reasons. Don't be too hasty because that will make you make unnecessary mistakes. Stay focused on running and collecting wooden planks, then build strategic shortcuts to show that you are the smartest and fastest.

Do not give up if you’re slower than your opponents. There are always chances to retry and create miracles. Enjoy more games on our site. Some of the best ones are Tyran.io and Oib.io.

Controls: Mouse or tap.

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