Quarantine Rush GamePlay:

A deadly virus suddenly appeared. At first, only one person was infected, then spread to the whole city. Your task is to bring people who have not been infected with viruses home to practice social distancing and treat those who have been infected with the virus. The life of people in your city in Quarantine Rush depends on you. Here at friv Games to play, you quickly click on healthy people to bring them home.

If they run outside for too long, they will be infected with the virus. People infected with the virus have a green smoke around them. You treat them the cure placed at the bottom of the screen. Bring healthy people home, then you will earn money to unlock new cures. The more expensive the cure, the more effective it is. Collect every coin and save to unlock more items to save more people.

If you don’t take action quickly, the number of deaths will increase gradually. A high number of people infected with the virus and a high number of players means you fail on http://friv.land/. You cannot maintain the safety of the city, so the game is over and you will have to play again from the beginning.

How many days can you survive? How many days can you survive? How many people have been infected? How many people die? These numbers will be summarized after each game. Hope your achievements will get better each time. This 1-click game is simple but attractive enough to keep you hooked. Have a great day and play more games as cool as this one such as Big Game Hunting and Ninja Hero Runner 

How to play: Click to save people.

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