Food Delivery Rush GamePlay:

It’s a good day. What a pity if you don't leave the house and have a ride today. Let’s get ready and go out with your hot car. However, it seems that many people have the same thought as you. They also want to go out to have fun. As a result, the street is crowded as hell. You need to go through the lane full of cars. Have a safe ride in Food Delivery Rush and let’s see how well is your driving skill.

Here at play friv 2020 games, you basically drive as far as you can through a road filled with vehicles. You can move among 3 lanes to avoid all the cars. However, watch out because other drivers change the lane suddenly and you can’t guess the driving behavior of them. In this game, you can control the speed of your car. You just have the right to move from left to right and vice versa.

On http://friv.land/, you will get 1 point for successfully passing a vehicle. It means your main objective here is to get as many points as possible and your score is the number of cars you passed by. You have 2 chances to get your goal. This means you are ok if you crash into other cars 2 times but in the third time, your car is broken and your journey ends at that point. Play many times to set a record and break it later. Visit our site and browse your favorite games or play Super Wash and Cyber Truck Drive Simulator if you don’t want to spend time looking.

Instructions: Use your right and left arrow key to move.

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