Raft Wars 2 GamePlay:

Raft Wars 2 is simple a shooting game that has the same gameplay as Angry Birds. It has quite an interesting story. Here at friv game 2021, you will meet 3 years old Simon. After digging up gold, diamonds at the beach near his house, his life will never be the same. Pirates come and claim that treasure is there. Simon and his brother fought against those people to protect their treasure.

6 months later, the boys are returning home from a long well deserved holiday and they found that a water park is built in the area that they buried their treasure to hide it from their parents and tax collectors. Now, they have to find a way to get their treasure. Your mission is to help them reach their goal by causing trouble at the water park and shooting at everyone who is trying to stop the Simon brothers.

As mentioned above, this is a slingshot shooting game. To shoot at the target, you have to adjust the angle and power accurately. Each level requires you to finish a mission with a specific requirement. For example, you have to defeat enemies with a certain number of shots to earn 3 stars. Like other level-based games, you have to reach the goal of the current level to unlock the next one. As you level up, you have to face more challenging missions.

Besides, at first, when you are still unfamiliar with the control mechanism, you can miss your shot several times. However, the more you play, the more you master it. Have a great time and have a look at other choices of games such as Blocky Siege and Naruto Free Fight : Season 2

How to play: Aim and shoot at the target by using your mouse.

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