Naruto Free Fight : Season 2 GamePlay:

Naruto, have you ever heard about this name? You may watch a cartoon about him, read a manga about him or play a game about him, right? Here at Friv 2022, let us introduce to you an epic fighting game about him, named Naruto Free Fight: Season 2. You will have a chance to company with Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi, Sasuke Uchiha in the thrilling street fight against bad guys. There are 10 levels and you have to defeat all bad guys with your powerful punches and kicks.

Before starting a match, you can choose one among three characters. Yes, you can play as Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi, Sasuke Uchiha without sticking to a certain character in all 10 levels. Each character has a different set of stats including power, speed, and jump. Let’s enter the fight with different characters to enjoy different experiences. On https://friv.land/, whoever your favorite character is, give each character at least one fighting chance. You should hit the target continuously. Don't stop, especially when your opponent approaches you.

If you stop, it means you give your opponents a chance to defeat you. Besides, you are alone and you have to deal with several bad guys at once. They come from the left and right of the screen. Don't give them a chance to hit you in the back. Then you will not be able to block their attacks and will be injured. Make a combo will help you K.O opponents much easier. Combine a punch, a kick, and a jump to make the opponent unable to stand up anymore.

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Controls: Arrow keys to move, Z to punch, X to kick, and Space to jump.