Red And Green Candy Forest GamePlay:

Platformer games are always fun and a new option of this genre is now available at Friv 2 player games that promises to bring you joy and happiness. It’s called Red And Green Candy Forest. Yes, you will travel to a magical forest filled with tons of red and green candies. Your main objective is to collect every single candy and one key in each level. Candies are your scores and the key is used to unlock the door that leads you to a new adventure.

This game is fun to play alone but it’s much enjoyable when you play with your friends. Yes, interestingly, the game offers a 2-player mode where you can play with your friends on the same device. Each of you controls a character. And both of you have to reach the exit to finish the current level and unlock the next one.

On https://friv.land/, you can play alone in 2-player mode if you want. Each level lasts 1 minute. If time runs out but you haven’t reached the exit yet, you return to the starting point. You have to play the current level once over again until you finish it to move to the next stage. Here, you don’t have any power-ups. All you have is your skills to jump over the gaps and overcome all obstacles. 20 levels full of interesting things and challenges are waiting for you to conquer. Once you play, you may find this one to become one of the best platformer games you have ever played for sure.

Have a nice trip from the start to the end. Don’t forget that you can embark on many adventures in other games such as Flowers Blocks Collapse and Circlix Physics Puzzle


Arrow keys or WASD to play.

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