Circlix Physics Puzzle GamePlay:

Circlix Physics Puzzle from Friv2021 online has one of the most modernized and minimal yet addictive and user-friendly settings as well as design, which makes this game more interesting if you are searching for a brainstorming game. There is no rule when it comes to how to use the bar, how to draw the block, and guide the balls. The only rule that is still effective is the rule of physics so you should take advantage of it well to achieve the final goal.

There will be a number shown on the white box that indicates the requirements to pass that stage. Your job is to use your intelligence and coordinate the elements of physics like gravity and air pressure to guide the balls and make them fall into the box. It will need more than just simple drawing because you have to pay attention to the blocking items as well. The main theme is to teleport the balls using the given portals.

Of course, you will find a different number of portals set up in unique locations when you start a new level. Simply use the mouse to draw the line and create your signature path for the Circlix balls. They will keep pouring out of the main portal, so you just need to help them reach the square targets. Different colored balls should be in matching colored boxes. The game has one special update for choosing between the mouse and the touchpad control keys, as this will avoid the circumstances of you misclick while being in the middle of the game.

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Drag and release the mouse to draw.

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