Rooftop Snipers GamePlay:

What do you expect from a shooter game? Action-packed gameplay, a little bit of violence, blood, a super high-quality resolution, detailed graphics, heavy weapons, and more? You won’t find any of these factors in this following one but fun, hilarious and challenging experience. They are all founded in Rooftop Snipers - a chaotic local multiplayer game. You are brought to the center of the epic duel combats. You don’t have to run a lot here.

This game requires your patience and accuracy. Before jumping into the battle, you can choose from the 1v1 mode and 2v2 mode. In 1v1, you face AI while in 2v2 mode, you will compete against another player. Dominate the computer or a friend in local multiplayer is up to you. Choose the mode you like then start shooting. You control your character fighting in a duel 1 on 1 on the rooftop of a building. Don’t fall down if you don’t want to lose. Yes, your objective is to push your opponent off the rooftop. You won’t aim and shoot like other games but jump and shoot like crazy even the bullets don’t hit the target. Try your best to endure fun physics and gameplay by jumping left and right and use weapons to gain the advantage against your opponents.

Don’t shoot your opponent run out of blood but shoot them off the building to win every battle. Interesting gameplay and fun sound effect, you don’t want to miss this game for sure. Try your luck now! Do you want to try a more challenging game? Well, let’s try Sniper Year One and Secret Mission at http://friv.land/

How to play: Player 1 uses W to jump and E to shoot. Player 2 uses 0 to jump and 1 to shoot.

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