Falling Ballz GamePlay:

Falling Ballz is a new and unique game which is totally different from the other HTML games. The game looks incredibly simple but it’s still oddly addicting. Players need to throw the balls down the screen and try to break as many circles as possible in one move before they move up to the top. As the ball hits the different shapes, they will be eliminated instantly.


On each of the ball, there is a number which shows the required hit to break it. The most important move is to throw balls down the screen and break up the various shapes scattered around. If you manage to eliminate all the balls, you will get a higher score. Do not miss additional balls to collect and make your screen clear! These additional balls are very helpful when the screen is filling up.


The important point of this game is that once the shapes fill up and reach the top of the screen, the game is over. Therefore, you need to calculate precisely to eliminate as many shapes at one time as possible. In this Friv game for kids, speed isn’t of the essence but accuracy is the ultimate key. The best player is the one who can take advantage of all the moves and find out the best direction to shoot the ball as well.


If you are confident of your skills, try out this game and some more games with the same theme at http://friv.land/. All the games such as Falling Dots and Dots Pong are available for free!


How to play:

swipe and drag the mouse to drop the ball.

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