Lemonade Stand GamePlay:

Lemonade Stand is a wonderful cooking game in which you actually purchase ingredients, end up creating a recipe, set a price, and distribute lemonade to make a profit. Lemonade Stand provides you with complete control over your lemonade business. Customers will flock to your sparkling apple juice stand if you can enhance customer satisfaction.

Your objective in the game at Friv online is to generate as much dollars as possible by selling cookies at your lemonade stand in 7, 14, or 30 days. Consumer buying cups, citrus fruits, sugar, and ice cubes, then tailor your recipe to the weather and conditions. Begin with the basic recipe, but try varying it to see if you can improve.

Finally, decide on a price and advertise your iced tea at the stand. Try adjusting the price based upon that weather as well. You'll find out how much money you made there at end of the game. Take a note of it and attempting again to overcome your score!

Quickly invite your friends to join the game to choose the most comfortable moments together. Discover a few more similar game genres like Yummy Waffle IcecreamIce Cream Master and Cool Summer Holiday.



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