Sea side Cleaning Day GamePlay:

Sea Side Cleaning Day is an education game that everyone needs to play to learn more about keeping the earth clean. It’s a special game at https://friv.land/ that tells you about how much trash you can collect in a certain amount of time and how many years you need to collect trash on the earth. Having a vacation on the beach is great. Many people love to spend time on the beach and many people get there and throw garbage into the sea.

Hundreds of tons of trash float in the oceans and millions of seabirds and marine animals die because of plastic pollution every year. Why don’t we start collecting trash on the beach today? Well, you play as an eco-activist and you have 1 minute 35 seconds to collect as much trash as you can. The amount of trash you collect will be weighed and you will know how much trash you can collect in the given time.

Besides, this friv school game also shows you how many years you need to collect all the trash on the earth with the same productivity. When 1 minute 35 seconds run out, the game ends and you can play once again and try your best to reach a higher achievement. After playing this game, you will know more about how important it is to dispose of garbage properly. It’s a highly educational game, especially ideal for kids.

Kids will learn a lot through the cleaning activity in the game. Have a useful and enjoyable gaming time on our site and don’t forget to give other games a try. Some of the best choices for you are Uglyvilla and Wuggy Fly

How to play: WASD to move and Space to pick up trash.

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