Uglyvilla GamePlay:

Uglyvilla is one of the latest games that you shouldn’t miss at https://friv.land/. It’s an exciting adventure game in which you help 2 characters find the key and go home safely. This game is for 2 players since 2 characters are controlled separately. However, you can enjoy this game alone. Unlike many adventure games for two players out there where you can lead one character to the final destination first, then the other one later.

Here, you have to control both of them at once because something falling from the sky will kill them if they don’t avoid those deadly objects. To stand still means to die. So, when you are working with one character, you still have to take an eye on the other character. Make it move when you see an object is about to fall on it. Remember that the green monster collects the green key and the red monster collects the red key. If one of them dies, the journey ends and you have to try again.

This friv com Games play game offers a series of levels and once both of them reach the box, a new adventure opens. On the way, don’t forget to collect as many buttons as you can. Even though you can’t buy anything with buttons, you will get extra points. You can leave some behind and it’s ok. This game doesn’t require you to collect every single button or something else. Just reach the box and it’s done.

Make sure both characters reach the box. A new level is a new adventure and there is something enjoyable to explore. Remember that there are many games that are worth your time to enjoy, such as Wuggy Fly and Duck rescue boat

Instructions: WASD and arrow keys.

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