Mr Babo GamePlay:

Recently, so many adventure games are added to https://friv.land/ and Mr Babo is one of them. How many adventure games have you ever played? Each option has its own special features, right? So shall we start with a new adventure today? Here, your mission is to lead Mr. Babo to reach the golden door on each level. However, that door is locked. To unlock the door, you have to collect all the golden keys on the way.

This adventure welcomes you with so many interesting things and unexpected dangers as well. To keep Mr. Babo safe, you need to help him jump over the traps, bottomless gaps, enemies, and so on. Mr.Babo has no weapons to kill enemies. So the only way to deal with enemies is to dodge them. If Mr. Babo touches enemies or traps, he still has a chance to survive. However, if he falls into the gaps, his life is taken and he has no chance to respawn.

As a result, you've got to restart that level. This Friv com game features 8 levels in total and it can say that the first level is easiest and the final one is the most challenging because the difficulty level increases significantly as you advance. There is no limitation in terms of time. Then just take your time in every action to make sure each move you take is safe. Haste leads to failure.

Be patient and you will succeed in your mission. Mr. Babo can get what he wants and reach his goal. Have a safe journey with Mr. Babo and many adventures are waiting for you in other options such as Speedrun Parkour and Jumping Squid Game.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to play.

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